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About Ingrid

Ingrid Galloway has been working in the Spa industry since 1999, mainly in 5 star hotels in Sydney, Australia and for her private clients. Her various roles have included spa therapist, manager, trainer and business owner. She loves what she does and often her past clients have praised her for giving them “the best treatment ever”, even though they have experienced many treatments from around the world.

Because of her passion in serving couples, she also became a Relationship Coach in 2009. She now helps stressed and busy women (and couples) to enhance their intimacy, and to look after themselves better. She has a holistic approach and healing touch in looking after her clients. She is also a very good listener, and recommends what clients need in order to maintain their well-being, that makes them receive more than they expect.

Now she is proudly introducing the “Enhance Your Intimacy” and “Couple Powerhouse” packages which combine both of her skills. If you are looking to enhance your intimacy with your partner, or give yourself nurturing, relaxing and healing professional treatments, book and experience some sessions with Ingrid.
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  • "Ingrid is not extremely caring and warm, but he has a great love of people and wants to genuinely make a difference to your mind, body and soul... I can't speak highly enough about how good the service was and the overall experience... As someone once said, "Do yourself a favor..."
Steven - Real Estate Agent - Brighton Le Sands
  • Thank you Ingrid for one of the best massages I have ever had.  It transformed my whole day.  I have recommended you to a number of friends so expect some calls.  See you again soon.
Andrew - Real Estate Agent - Edgecliff
  • Relax with complete body, mind and soul with lovely Ingrid.  Highly recommended!
Florance - Real Estate Agent - Alexandria
  • Ingrid's treatments are just divine, the best I have ever had. She puts her heart and soul into each session and you simply transcend into a state of relaxation. Such an experience that everyone should enjoy. Thank you so much, you are worth your weight in gold.
Rebecca - Buyers Agent - Neutral Bay
  • I went to see Ingrid after coming back from a hefty flying schedule. Her treatments have completely transformed my skin. Her stone massages are amazing and always put me to sleep. The way she finishes off the treatment is very fun and unique. I look forward to it every time. If you’re in need of some TLC I highly recommend her signature facial! Thank you very much Ingrid for your care and professionalism.

My-Linh - Lawyer - Sydney

  • We were experiencing difficulty with our youngest daughter’s sleeping.  She had just turned 3 and started waking continuously through the night, often every hour.  We were exhausted!  After trying various things, we met with Ingrid.  Ingrid was going to teach us baby massage and give us coaching.  Ingrid was wonderful! She made us feel so welcome, she was so calm, loving and playful, our daughter responded very quickly and positively. We incorporated this into our evening routines and our eldest daughter jumped on board too and everyone began sleeping much better. It also helped us reconnect with our daughters every evening and strengthen our relationships.  We have become more relaxed and focused using Ingrid’s techniques and we learnt how to breathe, which has had a huge impact on every aspect of our lives! She is an amazing coach.

    Sarah & Sean - Strathfield - Business Manager & Electrician

  • Before I met Ingrid, I was not in a good place. My marriage was in ruins, my children were missing out on me, and I was so depressed, I did not believe I could carry on, or that I had a reason to.
    Through coaching with Ingrid, I have learned to be calmer, and less likely to react to situations that would usually infuriate me.
    I love myself more, I can communicate better with all around me, and even though we still have a long way to go, my relationship with my husband has become more respectful, loving and understanding than it was in the past. I have learned that i am worthy, and my self confidence is showing strong. I have changed.
    Thank you, Ingrid, for helping me to see what was hiding deep inside me all along.

Elaine - Special Needs Assistant & Mum of 4 - Western Australia

  • Ingrid gave me the best facial I've ever had. She was so present and attentive, her hands firm and gentle as she massaged the quality products into my face, neck, arms and feet. She really goes above and beyond creating a relaxing and healing space, so that when you leave there not only does your skin glow but your spirit does too. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a skillful spa therapist.
Divya - Brain Trainer - Darlinghurst

  • Over the last 5 years I have enjoyed my regular treatments with Ingrid. She is warm, friendly and very tuned in to those tight muscles that need extra attention. The lovely scent of massage oil, relaxing background music and Ingrid's unwavering care and attention combine to make her massages very special occasions. I wouldn't go anywhere else, and highly recommend her to anyone who may be searching for a sensitive, experienced and professional massage therapist.
Donna - Project Manager - Rozelle
  • I have been to many spas around the world, but found the best of the best care in Ingrid's hands. I am a regular client and I always leave her place amazed at the level of relaxation I can achieve after the session. Ingrid mixes meditation and multiple spa techniques for a complete service. You will not find anything like it!
Celso, Dentist, Burwood

  • What a wonderful experience to be at the hands of Ingrid and her signature facial. Ingrid knows where to find the ‘off’ button so that total relax can overcome your mind and body. Wonderful experience, thank you very much.
Maria, Lawyer & Mum, Drummoyne
  • Thanks for the great massage you've always provided me twice every month. It's one of the day I look forward to from my busy life. You're the best.
Christopher, Accountant, Haymarket

  • Thank you for myself and Sara's wonderful Stone massages and over due chance to relax.
    We both agree, that we felt absolutely rejuvenated after the treatment and slept like a baby that evening. We are looking forward to more!

Paul, Handyman & Sara, HR Manager, Cabarita

  • I lead a busy life and Ingrid suggested her Anti-Aging Signature Facial would be a nice relaxing treat. I don't give myself enough experiences like that. The facial went way beyond my expectations. I was completely relaxed when she whispered that she was done. Massage, facial, meditation. It was an hour I will cherish. Bellissimo!
Wendy, Candle Lady, Five Dock
  • I normally hate massages, but thank you for a wonderful hot and cold stone massage. You are a very skillful and nurturing practitioner and your treatment made me feel very relaxed. Your healing space is very inviting to relax and I highly recommend your services to anyone.
Mercedes, Naturopath, Leichhardt

  • I can thoroughly recommend the amazing Ingrid from Ultimate Care For You. Ingrid is the consummate professional who has the ability to put people immediately at ease in her presence whilst teaching my wife and I, how to massage each other. She is a master of therapeutic massage and possesses the most gifted hands with an ability to both relax you and find any stress points or knots in your body. You will leave her studio feeling totally relaxed and invigorated.
Tony, Graphic Designer, Alexandria

  • Best facial I have ever had!  Ingrid goes beyond just a facial; using all her skills available to her.  My skin felt great, BUT, this was the most relaxing facial I ever had. She is amazing!
Kerri, Bookkeeper & Mum, Sydney

  • Ingrid was a great teacher during our baby massage session. The techniques are simple and easy to remember, and the class was very relaxed and real (with made-up songs like the ones we sing to our own bubs at 3am!) Some babies cried at various points in the class if they didn't like certain positions, but it didn't faze Ingrid, we just carried on and by the end of the session they had released some wind and fell fast asleep!
Steph, Mum, Marrickville
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